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Nail Services

Manicure & Polish

Manicure & Polish

Mani-Regular Polish
Mani-Gel Polish
Take Off-Regular Polish
Take Off-Gel Polish
Polish Regular-Hands
Polish Gel-Hands
Polish Toes
Polish Gel Toes


Classic Pedi


Classic Pedi

Mint exfoliating Soak. Cuticle Care, Nails Clipped and Shaped, Callus Removal, Slight Massage, and Finished with Polish of your choice. 

Citrus Pedi

Mint Exfoliating Soak, Cuticle Care, Nails Clipped and Shaped, Callus Removal

• Exfoliating Massage with Honey Sugar Scrub 

• Moisturizing Citrus Mask with Hot towel Exfoliation

• Delicate Massage for a Cozy Feel

VIP Lux Pedi

A Stress Relieving Spa Treatment for the Mind And Soul. (Recommended for All those Feet that Need Extra TLC (: hot stone massage to stimulate blood circulation, relax the tension and sore spots, losing tight muscles. 

• Exfoliating massage with mineral Sugar Scrub

• Deep Moisturizing with Our High-Quality Mask Embraced In Our Delicate Hot Towels 

• Followed by Our Hot Stone Massage to Rub Those Grey Days Away. 

Pearl SPA

A premium pedicure hot stone massage & paraffin wax treatment. Pearl powder is a beauty & health Secret used for 1000's of years in Asia. It contains Calcium, Protein, & mineral

• Pearl Wash Cleanse before we Begin. 

• Pearl Sugar Scrub Exfoliates Those Pores For a more Vibrant Glowing Healthy Skin. 

• Pearl Mask for Cell Renewal for youthful Skin. 

• Embraced in Our HOT Towels and Dipped in Paraffin for Ultimate Exfoliation.

• Then the Magic Happens... Hot Stones Massage for the Mind and Soul. 

• Finally, One Last Touch... Pearl Lotion Sealer. A natural Moisturizer that Seals Those Rich Oils in And Protects Us from UV Rays. 

Jelly Spa

A most Luxurious Exciting Pedicure not for the Faint-Hearted. Have you ever had Your Feet Encased in A cloud Of Jelly? Well, You are Defiantly Missing OUT! Warm water transforms into a soft, fluffy Jelly that retains Heat 4 Times Longer than water. 

• Start This Experience off with clouds of Jelly. This Jelly Detox's your Pore and all those Hard Days off your Feet. 

• Sweet Aloe Vera (Limited Quantity) Epson Soak is then added.

• Exfoliated with Aloe Vera Ultimate Sugar Scrub 

• Drenched and Smothered IN ALOE VERY ULTIMATE Mask 

• Dipped in Heavenly Paraffin wax then Embraced in Hot Towels to Exfoliate for a More Luxurious Feel! 

• Followed by Our Hot Stone Massage and Hand Massage to Get you Off your Feet 

Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

Full Set-Regular Polish
Full Set-Gel Polish
Full Set-Pink & White
Full Set-Regular White Tips
Fill-Regular Polish
Fill-Gel Polish
Fill-Pink & White
Fill-Pink Only


Dip On Natural Nails
Dip On Nail Extensions
Dip French Extensions


Cuticle Trim
Two Finger Design
Special Shape/New
Take Off Then New Set
Parafin Wax
Take Off
Cat Eye (Gel Polish)
Ombre White/Color
Ombre Glitter
Special Requests
Kids Services

Kids Services

Kid Pedi
Kid Regular Polish Hands/Toes
Kid Combo (Mani/Pedi)
Kid Combo Gel (Mani/Pedi)
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Lower Legs